Thanksgiving 2008

Shane and I decided to stay at home in Florida for Taft's first Thanksgiving so my sister, Kristi, and her family came to visit. We were so happy to have them here and also that they were able to bring my brother's son, Gaven. They all arrived on Wednesday and the boys could not wait to get in the pool. Thank goodness that the solar heat was working! We had trouble keeping them out of the pool all weekend.
On Thursday we stayed at home and had Thanksgiving dinner and the boys swam. Friday, Shane took us all to Fort Matanzas and the boys enjoyed the boat ride over. Poor Mallory dropped her shoe in the intercoastal but it washed up on the beach after we got back. When we were finished at the fort, we traveled on to The Alligator Farm. All the kids seemed to enjoy it there, as did Shane. Taft slept most of the time in his stroller and we hardly knew that he was with us. We then went into St. Augustine for great pizza at Pizzalleys and turned in for the night. On Saturday, Kristi, Taft, Mallory, and I were able to go do some outlet shopping and buy out Gymboree and Osh Kosh while the boys went fishing and of course back to the house to swim.
All in all it was a great trip and Taft loved having his cousins here. He really got warmed up to Gaven and was always hugging him and smiling at him. I know that he liked having kids around. We hope that maybe they can all come back next year for the holiday also.
The boys in the pool.

You know you're from Alabama when you wear cowboy boots with PJ's and carry around an opossum.

The boys with the Fort Matanzas tour guide.
Taft and Mommy

Gaven and Travis
Justin and Kristi
Travis saving Gaven from the alligator
Shane and Taft

All the kiddies

Gaven, Kristi, Taft, Mallory, and Travis playing in Taft's room.


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