Taft's VPK Graduation

Thursday was Taft's Pre-K Graduation.  He was so excited!  He talked about it for weeks.  About the songs that they were planning to sing, about the song's that would play when they walked in and out, and about partner dancing.  He was truly counting down the days.
I was so blessed that I work in a place that allows me to take off work for things that Taft has.  I was able to take off the entire day.  My mother in law and I went to school with Taft that morning.  We were able to talk and play with kids in class.  I have helped in class with some of these kids for over three years.  I know that not all of them will be in Summer Camp together this summer and only about four with will be in the same school with us in the fall.  It was truly bitter sweet since I have grown to love them all.
The first part of graduation was the class performance and the kids walked in to The Greatest Love of All.
 Taft loves, I mean LOVES, saying the pledge to the flag.  So I was thrilled that it was in their program.  Even though he still keeps the wrong hand over his heart.
 Two classes graduated together.  The other class sang Dinosaurs Here No More and Taft could not help but make the T Rex hands while they sang.
 He also got a little sassy during one of the songs his class sang.
 One of the cutest things that the kids did was partner dancing.  I Hope You Dance started and one boy at a time got up and got his girl.  He was very lucky to dance with Sienna.  They danced and the boys spin the girls.  You can tell he was having a great time!

 Finally it was time to get those diplomas.  So in they came.
 He had a little trouble with that hat and tassel.
 But it was all straightened out in time to get his diploma from Mrs. Linda.
 And here is what you do with diplomas if you are 5.

 And after we left school, Taft got to decide where to go for lunch.  He picked Panera Bread.  Everything was perfect even though we got soaked due to Tropical Storm Andrea.  ;0


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